Member Requirements

Because we desire members of the SVLA community to share a common vision, we require that all members have a basic knowledge of the principles of Leadership Education, the foundation of the Scholar School.
Member Requirements include:

  • Read “A Thomas Jefferson Education” by Oliver DeMille
  • Attend a Parent Orientation Meeting
  • Pay semester member fees: $65/semester/family
  • Contribute 5 volunteer hours in the community per semester per registered student (any age)

Volunteer Hours

Each family is expected to volunteer a minimum of 5 hours within the community per semester per student registered. Volunteer hours can be comprised of, but not limited to, mentoring or assisting in classes (without compensation), building cleaning, serving in a leadership position or committee, fundraising or filling other needs within the community as approved by the board.

If you are unable to serve, you may pay for some, or all, of the required service hours monetarily. A $10 fee per service hour may be paid to SVLA and will go towards various needs within the community, including mentor training, family socials, youth activities, field trips, operational costs etc. Families wishing to pay for their hours will be limited to a small number. Our community cannot function without the service of its members.

You will be sent a form through email at the end of each semester through which you will report your service hours or payment. You will need to report your hours or payment before being able to register for the next semester.


Member fees will be used for building rent, insurance, and other costs associated with running SVLA. Member fees do not go towards compensating any individual for their time. All board and administrative duties are fulfilled on a volunteer basis.

Reimbursements for member fees will be given within the first 2 weeks of the semester (minus a $25 nonrefundable registration portion of member fees), no reimbursements will be given after that. Class fee reimbursement policies are set by the mentors of each class.

Class fees will be determined by the mentor of each class based upon the needs of that class or project. Fees will vary based upon participation. Member fees will be paid to the SVLA treasurer. Class fees are paid individually to the class mentors. All fees must be paid before classes begin unless other arrangements have been made with the mentors.