policies & Procedures

Policies are guidelines for operating and managing the Scholar School and SVLA Community. Policies may be changed or added at any time to meet the needs of the community. Policy changes must be presented, discussed and reviewed by the SVLA board. Not every concern brought to the board becomes policy.

Procedures are how a policy is implemented within the SVLA community and Scholar School.


QUALITY, EXCELLENCE, RESPECT, COMMITMENT & FOLLOW THROUGH are the standard at SVLA and are expected throughout all aspects of the SVLA community, including mentoring, scholar work, parent involvement, activities and more. We hold the standard high and encourage all to do their personal best in all they do!

We simply ask that, if you commit to be a part of SVLA, you do your part, follow through on anything that you volunteer to do, and do your best work! We look forward to having you be part of the SVLA community!

Behavior & Conduct

As a participant of the SVLA Scholar School and community, statesman-like behavior is expected at all times by all members. Each Scholar is responsible for his or her own actions. Parents are responsible for the instruction, guidance, and discipline of their students regarding their behavior at SVLA. In the event that disciplinary action is required, parents will be consulted and asked to attend classes with their student. If problems persist, the student will be asked to withdraw.

Clean, modest clothing that shows respect for self and others is expected to be worn while attending SVLA classes and events.

Clean, respectful language is to be used at all SVLA activities. The use of profane, vulgar, crude or insulting language is not acceptable.

No weapons (any instrument of attack, such as a gun, knife, club or sword) are permitted at the Scholar School or at any SVLA activity, unless it is being used as part of a class presentation. All items must be approved by the mentor and must be left with the mentor or parent after the class until taken home.

We are privileged to be invited to use the Jordan Valley Church for our weekly classes. In order to retain this privilege, all participants are expected to act respectfully and responsibly while at the Scholar School. Running inside, roughhousing in the halls or classrooms, playing with furniture, equipment or supplies that do not belong to you, or hanging out in rooms alone without a mentor is not permitted.

At the end of each Scholar School day, those who are still in the building are expected to stay 15 minutes after class for cleaning. Member volunteers will come each week to facilitate the cleaning of the building.

Form & Function

SVLA is a volunteer driven community of like minded families who come together for support, mentoring, and group educational experiences.

SVLA is not a “school” in the sense that it provides a “full education” for it’s students. Classes at the Scholar School are meant to support and supplement the education they are working on at home and fosters relationships with like minded peers.
The SVLA Scholar School facilitates and allows youth in scholar phase to meet once a week and choose project based classes that best suit their needs and interests. It provides facilities, scheduling, assistance, support and coordination for the benefit of both Class Mentors and students.

SVLA does not run it’s own core and love of learning program for younger children, however, we do network with other communities and co-ops, who support leadership education, to help families find the support and community that best meets their individual needs. Any group that supports the leadership model may network with us to help support the homeschool community at large. It does not cost to be part of this network, we are simply offering a place for families to connect with communities.

The SVLA board is a governing board of volunteer members who oversee all administrative duties regarding the SVLA community and Scholar School. The board consists of the following: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Parent Representative, Mentor Representative, Youth Council Mentor, Secretary and Treasurer.


Once registration has closed for the semester, no new Scholar School students will be allowed to register and will be asked to register for the following semester.

Classes may be added or dropped during the first 2 weeks of each semester. After that no classes may be added or changed. There is a $10 class change fee for each class a student adds after registration closes. Each mentor will have their own policy on withdrawing and class fee reimbursements.

Class fees are set and collected by individual class mentors. Class fees are due August 1st before the semester starts, unless the parent has made other arrangements with the mentor. If the class fee has not been paid, the student will be dropped from the class and a student on the class waiting list will be invited to enroll.


Students may not leave the building during class hours without first notifying and getting permission from a parent or the board member on duty. Scholars are expected to be in their scheduled classes and not in the halls. If they are not registered for that class hour they may study quietly in the room designated for study hall.
Students should be picked up on time at the end of the day. SVLA is not responsible for scholars who are left unattended or leave the premises without a parent.

Only registered scholars may attend the Scholar School classes. Outside visitors may attend for 1 week with permission from a board member and the mentors of the classes they will attend. Parents are always welcome to attend class with their student. If a parent desires to attend, as a student, every week, arrangements must be made with the mentor of the class.

If a student chooses to not participate in class activities, they may remain in the classroom and sit quietly on the side, or go to the study hall room. If a student is repeatedly disruptive in class, a parent may be asked to attend with their student or they may be asked to withdraw.

Needed class materials will be outlined by the mentor for each class. Parents are responsible to be sure their student has all materials, not provided by the mentor, for each of their classes before classes begin. This includes, but is not limited to, books, paper, manuals, and writing utensils.

All students attending class or community-organized trips without a parent will need a parent signed permission form turned into the mentor leading the trip. Parents may be asked to help provide transportation or chaperone. Parents are always welcome to attend at their own expense and travel arrangements.

Mentors are responsible to organize any activities outside of, but related to, their weekly classes. They should notify the board ahead of time when planning trips and get board approval regarding their plans.

Students, parents, and mentors are responsible to provide their own lunches each week. Food must be kept in the designated areas at the church. A kitchen is available with a fridge and microwave, but please be courteous when using them.


Great mentoring takes place when the mentor is passionate, inspired, and dedicated to the growth of each of their students. SVLA mentors provide Scholar core projects or elective classes based on their own passion, experience, and skills. Mentors encourage students to own their education, inspire them to do the hard work and help them to develop their scholar skills.

Mentors are expected to be on time, be present each week, set a positive example and do their best work, as a crucial influence over the youth. If sick or otherwise unavoidably absent, the mentor is responsible to find and prepare a substitute for the class. In an emergency situation, the class may be cancelled.

There are three types of mentors at SVLA, Member Mentors, Youth Mentors and Guest Mentors.
Member Mentors are adult members offering a class or project and volunteering their time (this counts for their service hours) as they seek to benefit their own youth as well as those within the community.

Youth Mentors are SVLA youth who desire to share their genius and passion with their peers and lead a project or class, accompanied by an adult assistant mentor.

Guest Mentors are professional mentors who are offering their professional service and classes through SVLA at their regular or discounted tuition costs. They are not paid through member fees, but through class fees, paid by those attending their classes. A member mentor can also offer their professional skills through a class and charge a tuition for their services through their class fees, however, those hours will not count for their member service hours.

Mentors can communicate with the SVLA Mentor Rep regarding any needs, concerns or other support they may need.

Mentors who would like to receive training in a particular curriculum, including LEMI project, but not limited to, will be responsible to pay for and attend the training. The board may assist, but will not provide these trainings. Mentors can add the cost of the training into their class fees, do early registration, do a fundraiser or ask for parents of SVLA to donate towards these trainings. SVLA members may also host a fundraising project to raise money for this purpose, as needed.

Mentors may teach as many classes as they feel they can commit to and provide a quality experience for. Be mindful of your time, family circumstances, and personal needs when committing to mentor.

Mentors are responsible to find their own child care during the time they will be teaching at the Scholar School. We encourage them to reach out to other members and for members to support each other as much as possible. However, if a young child (or children) must come with their parent during the time they are teaching, we will have a nursery room available for children to play in for a short amount of time.

A board member, or other SVLA member in a leadership position, will be at the Scholar School to help in the Scholar Study Room and Nursery each week.

Mentors may bring their children into their classes with them as needed, but this is discouraged, as children can become a disruption to the classroom atmosphere. If children are brought to class and become a distraction mentors will be asked to make other arrangements.

Youth Council

The SVLA Youth Council consists of 4-6 Apprentice Scholars and an adult Youth Council mentor. Members will be voted in by their scholar peers in November each year. Each registered scholar at SVLA will have 1 vote. Council members will serve in their position from January to January for one year. If they wish to remain on the council for additional years they must be voted in again.

Youth Council members will lead out in the scholar community, serve their fellow students, be a voice for the student body, plan activities, projects and events for scholars and homeschool youth that will build the community and support the mission of SVLA. They will also have opportunities for development of leadership skills through extra training and leadership experiences.

Community Events & Activities

SVLA will host frequent parent nights where parents can come together to build community, gain support, and learn from one another and other mentors. These parent nights are not required, however they are highly encouraged and meant to be a quality and valuable experience for everyone. Typically SVLA will host a parent night on week off, usually the 6th week in the 5 week on 1 week off schedule.

Social events put on by SVLA may be for the registered families of SVLA, a community event where other homeschool families are invited, a Scholar activity in which only the youth attend, or a homeschool youth activity that is open to all homeschool youth.

These activities may be planned by the board, activity director, youth council, or other members within the SVLA community. We highly encourage members to “see a need, fill a need” and offer any community building event they feel inspired to offer. This could be book clubs, spelling bees, science fairs, field trips, potlucks, service projects or anything else that would benefit the SVLA community and support it’s mission to develop leaders. The board will not oversee and plan all activities within the SVLA community, but ask that they be approved ahead of time by the board.

Each year before classes begin the youth council will plan and run a scholar retreat for all registered scholars at SVLA. This will be an all day or overnight event where the scholars can build friendships, be inspired to do the hard work ahead and share valuable experiences together. It is not required, but highly encouraged for all scholars to attend.

A showcase night will be held at the end of each semester for the entire SVLA community. This will be an evening where mentors, classes, students and families can showcase their work from that semester.
Each class from the Scholar School, that desires to participate, will be given a short time to showcase something awesome from their projects. This could be reciting a memorization, singing a song, handing out awards for completed efforts, giving an oral report, a presentation or slide show, or any other way a mentor sees fit to showcase the efforts of the class. This will help inspire others and give due credit for the hard work done by the scholars and mentors in the class.

Individuals, families and associate members are invited to attend and display their work efforts around the room for families to explore and be inspired by. They will not be given time in the program in order to keep the program short, showcase the scholar efforts and inspire younger students to be ready for scholar phase. Exceptions may be made for specific groups who have a special performance of some kind to share, but only if there is time in the program and has been approved ahead of time by the board.


Members are responsible to stay informed through SVLA email, facebook and the SVLA website. Email address: svleadershipacademy@gmail.com