Spring 2019 Semester Registration

Before registering for the upcoming semester, please read the list of member requirements below and check the boxes to show that you understand and agree. You will review these requirements each semester before you register, as well as reporting your volunteer hours and fulfillment of these requirements to a board member. When you click submit, here are the next steps:

  • Enter the semester specific password you received from your board member interview. New Members: Fill out the New Member Application here to request your board member interview and receive your password.
  • Create a username and password for the website, or login if you are a returning member. This password is your own personal password to gain access to the member area. It is different than the semester specific password you receive after reporting your volunteer hours.
  • Pay your semester fee — $42/semester/family
  • The class registration form will be emailed to you. If you do not see it within 24 hours, send an email to svleadershipacademy@gmail.com.
  • Each student needs to sign the Scholar Contract before registering for classes. Siblings can all sign the same Contract. You can print the contract here. Please turn it in  to the SVLA Secretary.

Some helpful links: